History of Valentines Day


Where did this holiday originate?  Why is it that it is celebrated during Black History month?  What does black history have to do with Valentine’s Day?  Who was St. Valentine?  Why is it celebrated on February 14 and not any other day of the month?  Do you think that Valentine’s Day disrupts the flow of Black History?  Just to let you know, Black History month was chosen after Valentine’s Day.  Let’s find out what the word February means, according to The Barnhart Concise Dictionary of Etymology on pg. 274.  February is borrowed from Latin Februarius and it means month of purification, in reference to the Roman feast of purification held in February (the last month of the ancient Roman calendar, and after 450 B.C. becoming the second month of the year.

    Valentine’s Day falls on the eve of the pagan holiday of the Sabines.  The feast of purification held on February 15th.  Julius Caesar (A Roman Statesman) ordered that the year should begin with January and February the last month of the year.  February was a month of purification for the New Year during the Roman calendar. The Sabines are an ancient people of Central Italy, who lived in the Sabine hills, northwest of Rome and were known for their religious practices and beliefs.  The month of February was added to the Roman calendar during the early history of the empire.

pic.1   During this month the Romans celebrated their blood festival which consisted of a mass massacre of men within the fame coliseum.  The Romans held all of their arena fights in February and looked on while men were being savagely torn apart by wild animals.  The Roman Catholic Church is based in Italy and to this very day coliseum are called arenas, rings, fields, domes, stadiums and the likes.  This is where young men are put to the challenge against each other in teams, for the pleasure of the onlookers. As you can see  these sports eventually turned into arenas of bloodshed, Football, Basketball, Boxing, Hockey and the likes.  The Roman coliseum is shaped like the present day football stadium.

stadiums    The Roman savior or ruler of the heavens and the earth was Zeus.  The same root links Zeus and Jesus.  According to Larousse Encyclopedia of Mythology, the Greek “God” Dionysus is Etymologically Zeus.  If you look at the final syllable in Dionysus and Zeus it is identical to the ending of Jesus. Now you see the reasoning for selecting the ending for the word Jesus.  Zeus was the Greek savior when the bible was translated into English.

pic2    When you research further you’ll find out that the suffix “sus” according to the, Webster’s Third New Internationally Dictionary, sus is from French, Latin and means swine, hog also better known as the pig.  The letters Je in French means “I”.  So now you have Je sus or I pig. Now does that make any sense whatsoever?  Christ is from the Sanskrit word Krishna a Hindu god, who was also crucified and born of a god to a virgin.

Definition of SUS

: a genus of mammals that is the type of the family Suidae and in former classifications comprised all or most of the swine but is usu. restricted to a few typical Eurasian and East Indian forms and the domestic breeds — see bearded pig, crested pig, wild boar

Origin of SUS

NL, fr. L, swine, hog — more at sow

The concept of who Jesus looked like was taken from a picture of St. Germaine, who was also known, as Comte De St. Germaine – was a mason and a Templar.  St. Germaine was connected with the Rosicrucians and Madame BlavatskyMadame Blavatsky was the founder of the Theosophical Society, her real name is Helena Petrovna Von Hahn.  She was a well-known witch and psychic.  She along with Maria Austish and Zigrum and the Thule society came together and selected Adolph Hitler in 1913 to be their man on earth.

pic3    Remember Hitler wanted to breed a group of superior beings that would rule the planet earth.  He had met with the beings from the Ashtar Command.  When they came to him he thought they were angels.  The beings from Aldebaran gave Hitler a lot of technology and flying saucers.  These beings have blonde hair and blue eyes.  They were originally bred by gene transplant.  During WWII under the rulership of Adolph Hitler German scientist were building what you know as UFOs.  Hitler spent most of his life reading and was very educated.  A friend who introduced him to the Thule society brought Hitler to power.  He was initiated into this secret society and he was able to establish contact with two magicians of the orders, Shamballah and Agharti these are actual cities beneath the earth.  Hitler’s project of  breeding was called the Boys from Brazil Project that bred blonde hair blue-eyed “Montauk Children”. Montauk is located in Long Island New York. Most of them were homosexuals and the reason he chose homosexuals is because men are always being destroyed by women, so he figured if he eliminated their sexual desire they would be perfect.  Most of your serial killers today are a result of this project.

Ashtar Command

Ashtar Command

Now back to the topic, St. Valentine is the name of a Roman Christian Martyr who was killed during the reign of Claudius 11 Gothicus.  Who was Cupid?  Cupid was some wonderful matchmaking entity.  In reality you are practicing a bunch of made up garbage that incorporated into a multimillion-dollar enterprise.  Why is the heart depicted as a symbol of love?  The physical heart that pumps blood has nothing to do with love. The one thing that keeps the blood flowing in our bodies is seen with an arrow through it as a symbol of love.  Well, if someone put an arrow through your heart wouldn’t you stop breathing? What is so lovely about that!

The real story behind St. Valentine’s Day is that he secretly married young couples thus, breaking the law of the land set by Claudius II.  Claudius II Gothicus was a Roman Emperor (whose original name was Marcus Aurelius  Claudius (268 – 270A.D.).  His major achievement was the decisive defeat of the Gothic Invaders, which is where he received the name Gothicus.  He strongly opposed marriages because he believed that single men were better for war just like Hitler. Claudius II was a homosexual and suffer from a sexual diseased body filled with sores due to his abnormal sexual tendencies.

pic4   St. Valentine believed an angel inspired him.  After ClaudiusII found out about the marriages, there was a massive search for all those who participated.  Once the grooms were found, they were castrated and their hearts were cut out and sent to their brides in a box.  Remember, when blood dries it turns brown which is similar to the box of chocolate hearts we send today.  St. Valentine was beheaded on February 14th during the last years of Claudius II reign.  Since he was a member of the church, it was decided that February 14th should be dedicated to the so-called Christian Martyr.

Chocolate is symbolic of the coagulated blood which spilled when the young grooms hearts were cut out. So as you can see St. Valentine’s Day is not all it’s cracked up to be.

pic5    The Catholic Church, which is the biggest sponsor of the devil, uses the color red.  They profess to be at war with the devil, yet the color red, which is known worldwide as the color of Sama’el (devil) is used immensely within the church.  The Pope himself is attired in red shoes.  He wears a long red robe that is a sign of universal jurisdiction in the church.  If you’ve ever noticed the hat that the Klu Klux Klan wears is also similar to the hat that the Pope wears.  This is because the KKK was formed by Roman Catholic Confederate Army officers after the civil war in America 1861 – 1865A.D.


(left to right) KKK, Pope, Confederate soldiers

Also according to the book titled Lies Across America by James W. Loewen on pg 261-266, it talks about how the confederate army used Stone Mountain as a KKK site for terrorizing African-Americans. Yes, the confederate army was a part of the KKK.  The KKK was also a part of the Nicean Council.  Please by no means am I saying believe me, always do your own research.

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