freemasonry-banner    Freemasonry and its symbols have been traced to ancient Egypt. Yet, despite all the books and articles exploring Freemasonry published over the last hundred years, there is one area that has not received attention. It concerns Freemasonry’s debt to Islamic mysticism and a shadowy tradition connecting the Masons with the Moors of North Africa. The involvement of Freemasons in the establishment of the United States of America is well documented. In fact Masons featured so prominently in drafting the American Declaration of Independence that many people believed it was thoroughly a ‘Masonic project’. Not only George Washington but also the US founding fathers Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson were high degree Masons. Masonry had a profound influence on the formation of American society, but there was also another secret power which has gone completely unnoticed. The Kingdom of Morocco under the leadership of Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdullah, known as King Mohammed III, was the first country in the world to recognize the United States of America as an independent nation in 1777. This historic act by the North African Muslim kingdom highlights the relationship then existing between America’s Masonic leaders and the Moors.


Moors of Morocco

   The Moors provided the vital link between ancient and modern civilization. The light of knowledge which illuminated the Moorish lands of Spain and Sicily was instrumental in dispelling the gloom of ignorance that enveloped medieval Europe. It was the Moors that brought Europe out of the dark ages with the Egyptian sciences they received from their ancestors. After sinking lower and lower in barbarism, Europe had reached the darkest depths of ignorance and degradation when the cities of the Saracenic world Baghdad, Cairo, Cordova, Toledo, were growing centers of civilization and intellectual activity.

europe   It was there that the new life arose which was to grow into a new phase of human evolution. From the time when the influence of their culture made itself felt, began the stirring of a new life. The Orientalist Stanley Lane-Poole acknowledged the great impact Moorish civilization had on Europe when he wrote: “For nearly eight centuries under her Muslim rulers Spain set to all Europe a shining example of a civilized and enlightened state. Art, literature and science prospered as they then prospered nowhere else in Europe.” Students flocked from France and Germany and England to drink from the fountains of learning which flowed only in the cities of the Moors. The plain fact that much of what we now look upon almost entirely as Freemasonry has been practiced as part and parcel of the religions of the Middle East for many thousands of years, lies open for anyone who cares to stop and read, instead of running by. So we find that just as Europe borrowed considerably from the learning of the Moors, European Freemasonry took its “secret wisdom” from the Muslim East. However, because the Moors knew the nature of the Europeans in that they could not be trusted, they were only given 3 degrees to test their loyalty. With the end of Moorish rule in Spain, the Europeans began to colonize Africa, Asia and the Americas bringing with them the degrees of freemasonry. By this time the African Slave Trade or the African Kidnapping business was in full swing.

How did Blacks get started in masonry?
Prince Hall was the founder of freemasonry among blacks. He was born in Barbados, West Indies in 1748. His mother was a black slave and his father was an Englishman. Part of Prince Hall’s life was spent sailing on an Irish merchant vessel. After that he began to study for the ministry.

Prince Hall

Prince Hall

It was through a petition presented to John Hancock and Joseph Warren that Prince Hall requested that Blacks be allowed to enlist in the army.
Prince Hall began his career in freemasonry when he and fourteen other Temple of Aset Moors of Morocco Prince Hall “free” Blacks were initiated into an Irish lodge that was a part of the British army. In 1787, he formed the Africa lodge no.459, after he had received a charter from the grand lodge of England. The 4,700 or more prince hall lodges traded their historical beginning to this particular lodge. Also, there are many Masonic authorities that admitted its legitimacy.

However, no official recognition has been given to Prince hall masonry. It was declared in 1851 by the grand lodge of New York that American Indians (Native Americans) or blacks were unfit for initiation into the craft. In 1897, when the grand lodge of Washington declared that freemasonry knew no color line and the grand lodge would recognize the African states within its jurisdiction, many other grand lodges in Canada and across the united states severed fraternal relation with the grand lodge of Washington, complaining that Washington had official recognition of clandestine freemasonry and of course Washington bowed to this pressure. In 1947, the grand lodge of Massachusetts offered partial recognition to Prince Hall masonry but withdrew their recognition two years later, when the grand lodge of Florida and Texas severed relations with Massachusetts and California.

djedBecause blacks are not recognized as masons, this means that they are not allowed to visit Caucasian Masonic lodges. Since Whites did not permit blacks to join their lodges they set up their own, not realizing what he was doing to himself. Not realizing that the Caucasian was laughing at him and watching him make a fool out of himself in order to keep up with the perverted philosophies of the Caucasian. What most blacks or Africans don’t realize is that masonry came about in order to maintain the Caucasian’s notion of his “supremacy” in the world, he knew why he left the blacks out of it. This kind of racism has been in existence for years; however it must be acknowledged that Afro-Freemasons were the founders and originators of Freemasonry, all stemming from Egypt. The Greeks and the Romans are the fathers of present day European knowledge, and they openly admit to having been students to Negro Egyptians and Ethiopians, the alchemist that made all sacred societies possible. We taught the European the secrets and are the original authority so therefore that makes the Euro-Freemasons clandestine.

The Light In Freemasonry and Egipt


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    Magnificent post my Brother. Don’t forget Benjamin Benekar was a Mason too.

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    Why did the author capitalize white n have Black lowercase all the time like “White” and “black.” Dont get it. Black should always be capitalized. Remember that.

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