Antioxidant effects

Pomegranate is rich in polyphenols, which are powerful antioxidants.

Antimicrobial activity

Lab tests have found evidence that pomegranate has antibacterial and antiviral effects, due to the ellagic acid and certain tannins it contains.

Heart disease

Pomegranate can protect your heart and arteries as well as lower your blood pressure.

Cancer prevention

Pomegranate may help or prevent prostate cancer


Pomegranate is a good source of Vitamin C, Vitamin K, and Potassium amongst others.

Reproductive health

The antioxidants in pomegranate juice help combat oxidative stress, which has been known to put a hamper on sperm functionality and decrease fertility in women.

As always do your own research and remember we are in trying times stay Healthy and Wise!

Pomegranate is definitely a great addition to your diet.

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Are you buying gas wrong? What is top tier gasoline?

Most people like myself when at the gas pump look at pricing and cleanliness of the area, Top tier gasoline is suppose to keep you internal part to the engine, 19 times cleaner. This information was given to us by AAA. What exactly is to top tier gasoline?

In 1996 the EPA established a level of detergent for all gasoline engines. Many automakers wanted higher standards to address the carbon build-up in engines. This detergent (TOP TIER) is designed to make your car or truck run cleaner. Not all gas stations have top-tier gasoline! According to AAA’s independent lab test, gasoline that meets top-tier standards are more likely to keep your engine cleaner than high octane fuel.

People are more likely to pick a gas station based on price and not the quality of the gasoline. Selecting Top tier gasoline drivers can minimize carbon deposits and increase vehicle performance. Among the brands tested non- Top Tier gasoline caused 19 times more engine deposits than Top Tier brands after about 4,000 miles of driving.

AAA did a survey that shows when it comes to selecting a gas station most people select price over quality. To protect your investment, the recommendation is to select quality over price when picking gas stations. Today gas prices are going through the roof and for most of us we are looking at prices versus quality to try to save a buck or two, however, when your car is not functioning properly as a result, the mechanic will charge you an arm and leg to fix your car.

I recently had a situation where I was using 87 octane and my vehicle started sputtering upon acceleration. I thought the worst at first, but then I decided to take it to an auto parts store that could run a diagnostic for me. The result of the diagnosis was one of my coils was bad. The first thing they asked me at the auto parts store, was I using 87 octane and I said yes. The test also gave a certain code that let them know that I was using a low octane fuel. When I changed the coil that was giving me trouble, the problem went away and this is what I saw (refer to pictures below).

New Coil

Now that I have had this experience NO MORE 87 octane for me. I saved myself a lot of money by changing it myself. I know times are challenging for everyone especially when it comes to buying fuel for your vehicle. There is an app by AAA that can help you find top-tier gas if you are interested. Go to google and type in and go from there. This should help you find it, hit find a station and the drop down link will appear to download app. As always do your research.

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Are you remembering your Dreams? Tips for Remembering Dreams.

Are you remembering your dreams? Are you having a hard time trying to remember your dreams? Everybody dreams, but not all can remember their dreams. I understand you might be a little frustrated that you cannot remember dreams, that may provide some messages that you may need in this life. Here are a few things you can use to remember your dreams.


Rosemary is historically known to improve memory by increasing blood flow to the brain and head, which by extension also helps improve concentration. When used regularly it can help you remember your dreams. If you use a diffuser, you can put the oil of rosemary in the diffuser and let it flow through the night. You can also use an oil burner, that will get the aroma in the air as well.

Vitruvi White Stone Essential Oil Diffuser | Anthropologie


While the diffuser is my first option, making a tea out of herbs to help with remembering your dreams works just as, if not better than the diffuser. Fluids get into the bloodstream faster than inhaling smoke and is more effective. So if this is your option then go for it. Do some research for which herbs in combination with rosemary are good to blend for a delicious tea. Here are a few examples of some things you can add to your rosemary tea: Honey, Peppermint and or Lavender.

rosemary tea

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EXPOSED: Why are white companies making a profit off of black product names?

black women1

black women2
black women with braids

This moment is critical in regard to how much we influence and contribute to the hair care industry. We’re going through a new revolution—a hair revolution—in which our hair has become the clear focus of the beauty industry, and also the moneymaker. Only this time around, we can find ways to have a bigger stake in the profit. But here’s the thing: we have to do this now. The Black hair care market is at least an $684 million industry. Hardly any of that cash makes it back to the Black community.

As we all probably already know just from a quick glance at our monthly bank statements, black hair care is big money. And we all know the first black self-made millionaire, Madame CJ Walker, made her fortune selling hair care products. But can we say the same for black-owned hair care companies nowadays? Are there even any black-owned hair companies left?




Let’s get into a little history.

Back in the 80s many black-owned cosmetic and hair care companies dominated the market in products for black consumers—for many it was due to the popularity of the Jheri Curl style (that money dripped long all the way to the bank). Large white-owned companies who previously ignored the needs of the black hair community were seeing declines in profits and were looking for new markets to tap. They began to take notice that blacks spent a much greater percentage on hair and skin products than their white counterparts. So they put their heads together and began to employ tactics like buying struggling black owned cosmetic and hair care companies and signing big contracts to have leading African-American celebrities like Anita Baker, Billy Dee Williams, and Jayne Kennedy become spokespeople for their products. Soon white owned companies began to dominate the market as black owned companies could barely keep up financially.

anita baker



Billy D. Williams

Seeing this as a major issue, ten black hair manufacturers founded the American Health and Beauty Aids Institute (AHBAI) and launched a three million dollar campaign urging consumers to buy black. They used the symbol of “The Proud Lady” (shown above at right) as their official logo so consumers could quickly identify products manufactured by black owned companies. This symbol can still be seen today on such products. Sadly, the overly aggressive gestures of white owned companies left many black companies unable to compete.

And get this—back in 1993 large white-owned company Shark Products makers of African Pride hair care products tried to sue a smaller black-owned company for using the word “African” in their products’ name claiming trademark laws were violated. They believed they owned the exclusive rights to use the word “African” and the African nationalist colors. Whaaat? Three months later Shark Products dropped the suit. Better had.


Oddly enough, in 1965 the Korean government banned the export of raw hair, making it impossible for U.S. business owners to manufacture wigs using Korean tresses. Not long afterward, the U.S. government banned the import of any wig that contained hair from China. As a result, Korean business owners were able to dominate supply and distribution of weaves, wigs and extensions. Aaron Ranen’s 2006 Black Hair documentary estimates that Koreans own close to 60% of the Black hair care industry market share.

We’ve put together a list of Black Owned and NON BLack Owned so you will have an idea who you are supporting. If you have any updates on any black company that may have sold out or can add to the list please let us know so we can update the list.

Black Owned Companies


talia wajid

wonder gro




Afrikan Republic
Natural Oasis
African Royale
Essations Multi-textural
California Curl
Dudley Hair Care
Takedown Hair
African Wonders
Luster’s (S’curl, etc.)
Extasi Hair products
Bronner Brothers
ilora L’original Hair products
Boundless tresses
Nature’s image
Royal Roots
Diva by Cindy
sizta 2 sizta
Oyin Products
Claudio St. James
Global Beauty
Black magic (for men)
Kizure hair products
Mr. Leonardo hair products
Princess Kayla’s Natty locks
Wonder Gro hair products

Non-Black Owned Companies







dark and lovely

African Pride
African Best
African Gold
Care Free
Creme of Nature
Dark and Lovely (L’oreal)
Doo Gro (Koran Revlon)
Dr. MIracles
Mizani (Korean Revlon)
Motions (Alberts Culver)
Fabulaxer (Korean Revlon)
Gentle Treatment (Johnson & Johnson)
IC products (Fantasia;Korean)
Let’s Jam (L’oreal)
Relaxed and Natural
Mane N’Tail
TCB Aphogee
Afro Sheen
Soft and Beautiful
Perm Repair
Infusium 23
Smooth n Shine
Sulfur 8
Ultra Sheen
Wave Nouveau

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Why do we need more black Doctors? The coloring of perception.


There is an overlooked revolution in the Black culture worldwide. Black people have protested, marched, rebelled, voted, sang, and cried for a revolution for Black Nationalism, freedom, justice, self-identity, self-destiny, equality and the reaffirmation of African medical treatment concepts. Today Blacks are enslaved by the Caucasians diet and medical systems. In order to overcome the ills and woes of these systems Black doctors must use African centered research in its fullness in order to recover, sustain, and maintain the health of our race.

America has a discouraging history of not being able to make care accessible to minority groups-whether its because of lack of insurance, limited physical access, or even racism. It’s important to put physicians into communities who need care, its an issue that has been practiced widely and documented extensively at least since the eighteenth century.  There are books that address more general issues in the history of blacks in medicine such as The History of the Negro in Medicine, by Herbert M. Morais and Making a Place For Ourselves by, Vanessa Northington Gamble, M.D.


Dr. Samantha Kaplan

Dr. Kaplan offered four reasons why we need more minority doctors. Here she is, paraphrased:

  • To serve those who need it most: “Underrepresented minorities are more likely to go back and serve in their communities. This means more physicians are treating populations that are traditionally underserved in medicine. Our country has a discouraging history of not being able to make care accessible to minority groups — whether it’s because of lack of insurance, limited physical access (such as not having a clinic nearby, inadequate transportation, limited time), or even racism. It’s important to put physicians into communities who need care.”
  • To encourage a sense of affinity: “There’s research on how patients respond to physicians with whom they feel some concordance — whether it’s culture, race, language, gender. Conversations are more patient-centered; the patients ask more questions, and more data about what’s actually bothering them can be extracted, leading to better outcomes.”
  • To offer cultural understanding: “We know that different cultures have different belief systems around health. While it’s not necessarily true that all people from one culture think the same thing, it’s reasonable to assume that, if you as the patient feel affinity with your doctor and you feel safe and you don’t feel judged, there might be more connection.”
  • To enhance the field of medicine overall: “Imagine you have a room with five people who are exactly the same — conversation is limited. But if you have five people who are entirely different, you’re going to encourage much greater learning. All five will leave the room with a much broader understanding. The population we serve is diverse. In order for all of us to leave our education, our grand rounds, our office, with a broader understanding of how to approach our patients, we need our colleagues to reflect our population.”


There are a number of reasons Why we need more black Doctors, however the next question is Why don’t we have more black Doctors, well we will answer that question in another article.


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